The 19-25th June is Refugee Week – a celebration of the contribution refugees make and why people seek sanctuary.

To mark the occasion, we are highlighting some startling facts about the plight of refugees in the UK and those displaced across the world.  

We are working closely with two organisations that are supporting refugees in different ways. Transitions London are a social enterprise specialising in refugee recruitment. Once granted Refugee Status, a refugee in the UK can work legally without a visa, however many employers don’t realise this. A lack of understanding of the legalities of refugee recruitment, along with cultural challenges, language skills and bias (conscious or unconscious), means refugees often struggle to find meaningful work. These are skilled individuals who are capable of filling the widening skills gap in UK industry.

Transitions London are not for profit, working to break down the many barriers to employment refugees face. They offer training and advice to candidates and, crucially, corporate clients so they can understand the value of employing refugees. They also offer coaching, career planning and job search training to help refugees negotiate a jobs market that may be totally different to what they know.  

According to the UNHCR, there are over 65 million people displaced worldwide, higher even than post World War II numbers. In 2015 alone, over 1 million people came to Europe, risking their lives in the hope for safety.

Recently a number of European countries have closed or severely restricted the major routes used by refugees. Many are at risk of becoming forgotten – left in detention centres that lack the most basic amenities.

The Starfish Project is a grassroots organisation raising funds to ease the plight of as many people as possible by addressing some of their most pressing needs.

Want to help? Join us at the Starfish summer fundraiser at the Skip Garden, Kings Cross 28 June with all proceeds going to their food projects in Europe – Buy Tickets here: