Renaming a ambitious tech start-up

What was needed?

Buying a house is one of the most expensive things you can do. And as if handing over all of your hard earned savings isn’t stressful enough, the mortgage market is fraught with jargon, paperwork and bitten fingernails.

Ambitious start-up mortgage brokers, Dwell, take the pain out of finding a mortgage. Just one simple form and ta-dah, the mortgage bot instantly selects the three most suitable mortgages for you, and gives the user clear guidance on what to do next.

The problem is that Dwell was not the ‘ta-dah’ name they needed to take this clever start-up to world domination. With several other property related companies out there using the same name, Dwell needed a new one that positioned them as the ultimate online self-mortgage brokering platform. Dwell also had a new product launch looming and needed to change their name quick-smart.

We loved how Dwell was subverting the stale mortgage market so we were excited to be asked to rename them and help them on the next step of their journey.

What did we do?

There were a number of specific criteria we needed to have in mind when thinking about a new name.

The product takes on a smart new approach to lending money and the target audience are intelligent, tech savvy, busy professionals. The name needed to be contemporary to reflect the modern approach to mortgage brokering. Trust was an important factor too, since the team never meet their clients face-to-face. The name needed to be approachable and familiar, but serious too – we needed to acknowledge the emotional side of home ownership, without losing sight of the functional aspect of purchasing a property.

Dwell wanted their new name to be unique. It needed to be memorable – easy to spell and say, and the .com web address was essential – not an easy task in today’s competitive domain name market.

We proposed a shortlist of name suggestions, taking into account the feasibility of each one in terms of look and feel, domain cost, SEO, and trademark options. Happily, they chose our favorite – Burrow.

The name Burrow for us was perfect for an online mortgage company. A burrow is a cosy, secure home. But the word also alludes to the act of finding something (the perfect mortgage!) as well as borrowing (money). Visually, the name is attractive, striking and memorable.

What were the results?

“Creating a name for a company isn’t quite as easy as you might think – we’d been trying for weeks and couldn’t find our happy place. From the struggles we’d had early on, we clearly needed a fresh perspective. We approached Good Apples with a brief to define our new company name based on the company’s product, principles, and vision. They took us on an unexpected journey, uncovering a world of options we’d never imagined. It really takes a unique set of people who can interpret a brief and come up with something new in a place that you thought you’d completely exhausted. Our new name, ‘Burrow’ conceptually and emotionally had impact and gave us a sense of belonging. The first time we heard the name our minds flooded with new ideas and we knew from that moment we’d found a new home for our company”.

Burrow have already raised $1.2 million in seed investment and we are really excited to see how this brand is going to grow.

Don’t waste your time, go Burrow for your mortgage.