Launching a green energy tariff with a difference

What was needed?

Our client, a new energy company supplying renewable electricity to UK homes, had created a unique home energy tariff in response to rising levels of fuel poverty across the UK.

We were required to complete detailed market research to assess the social benefits of the product before managing its launch.

What did we do?

Firstly, we engaged with the public in order to ascertain the need for such a product and how best to structure the offer to meet both the customer’s and the commercial needs. Through surveys and focus groups we were able to gather valuable insight. It was found that although a promising idea, the conditions of the energy tariff were seen to be misleading. This was fed back to the company and led to the changing and simplification of the terms in the consumer’s favour.   

Claire developed the tone and messaging for the product based on detailed research of the target market. Using multi variate testing, the most effective message and imagery was determined which then influenced the mass marketing campaign.

Working closing with media partners, an outdoor advertising plan was developed to capture those that would be most excited by the new tariff. This was in conjunction with a major PR effort, radio, direct mail and transit tactics that were scheduled for the maximum effect.

Using insight, the online campaign was highly targeted and continually optimised. It comprised of social advertising, paid search, affiliate, and content marketing. We also worked with a studio to create an animated video to neatly describe the offer.

What were the results?

In the three months of the campaign we exceeded the set sales targets and as a result of the activity, sales across their product range increased too. As a new company, improving brand awareness was another key aim. Via survey and social listening it was found that knowledge of the brand had improved significantly.