Web content for a better boot camp

What was needed?

Learning to code is hard, but in an increasingly digital world, demand for developers is high. As a full stack developer, you can earn a big salary, provided you have the cash upfront to pay for a traditional coding boot camp. Function Camp want to subvert this education model by creating a fully remote coding course that students can complete in under 6 months. What’s more, they are one of the only boot camps to offer deferred tuition, meaning you don’t pay a penny until you’re earning over £25,000 in your new developer role.

This revolutionary way of teaching people to code immediately makes the industry accessible for many more people, especially career changers and young people.

Function Camp is a brand new company. They needed a standout website with clear content that would encourage new sign-ups, fast.

What did we do?

Boot camps aren’t new, but the Function Camp deferred tuition concept is, so the copy needed to be clear so that applicants understand what they’re going to get, and trust worthy – there’s money involved.

Good Apples devised the tone and set about writing the content for the new site. We were keen to highlight the uniqueness of the course and also make it approachable, which is reinforced by the playful illustrations, created by Gravita

Post launch, we’ve been handling Function Camp’s social media channels in the hope to reach out to the programming stars of the future.

What were the results?

Our client said, “Ella and Claire helped me to get inside the head of my potential customers. They came up with messaging that would appeal as well as a tone of voice that’s just right. The result is the best website I’ve ever built!”

Function Camp launched in February 2018, so it’s early days. Watch this space.