A website for a community health programme

What was needed?

Fit for Life is a health and fitness programme for Tower Hamlets residents with a BMI of over 30. The service helps people learn about nutrition and exercise whilst creating a supportive network that continues after the completion of the course.

In order to communicate more efficiently with participants, the team needed a website that could be used as the central channel. The team have lots of valuable resources from healthy recipes to useful events as well as vital resources for medical referrers and they needed somewhere to store this information easily.

Because of the diversity of the audience, the site needed to be intuitive, clear and highly accessible.

What did we do?

Fit for Life is a service under the national One You campaign created by Public Health England. We were therefore required to create a website and tone that worked within their existing brand guidelines. Good Apples designed and built the new site so it shared the same look and feel of the campaign, but also had its own identity.

We met local users of the programme to gather their thoughts and experiences of Fit for Life. The resulting case studies help sell the service, and make for emotional reading!

To ensure the content is kept up to date, we also trained the team to edit the website themselves so that they can continue to add news and resources, all with the help of our easy to follow web manual.

What were the results?

Fit for Life Programme Manager, Claire Dunne commented that the new website has been extremely helpful in giving the Fit for Life programme an identity and has provided a valuable foundation for the team so that they can continue to communicate the programme to the relevant audiences in a sustainable and efficient way.