Promotional film for a cancer support service

What was needed?

The Macmillan Social Prescribing Service is a brand new, innovative support service for people living with and beyond cancer in east London, delivered by The Bromley by Bow Centre.

Cancer affects everyone differently. Experienced professionals based in the community help individuals affected by cancer over the phone or through a series of one-to-one sessions that explore practical needs and personal goals, connecting patients to local services and activities in their communities, to help get them back on track.

The service is less than two years old and is gaining momentum but needs to get as much traction as possible before the end of their first round of funding, in order to reach the largest number of patients, referrers, and appeal to potential future commissioners.

The Macmillan Social Prescribing Service wanted to create a promotional film aimed at three key audiences:

  1. People affected by cancer need to understand what the service can do for them and find out how to self-refer
  2. Cancer specialists need to see the benefits of the service for their patients and feel motivated to make referrals
  3. Funders need to see what the service has achieved in its first two years and what it can achieve with additional funding in the future  

What did we do?

This project presented several challenges. We had enough budget to produce one 2 minute film, which needed to present two organisations working in partnership and speak to three different audiences with three different agendas.

Ella met with both clients and the production company to define and agree the brief for the film. Once the brief was agreed, Ella got to work identifying service users who were happy to share their very personal stories. She developed a timeline that would have the film delivered in time for the next service steering meeting with key stakeholders and managed the production of the film. This involved co-ordinating interviews with service users and professionals as well as the availability of locations and logistics. We had a tight 1.5 days of filming allocated to the project and Ella managed the film crew to make ensure we shot everything we needed in order to tell the story of the service.

Ella liaised with the production company to manage the edit, ensuring we kept to brief by analysing the transcripts and feeding back at each stage to the relevant partners.

We then created a communications strategy to ensure the film reached the right audiences and managed the sharing of the film to stakeholders.

What were the results?

The film got its first airing as planned at the stakeholder’s steering meeting, where it was received very positively by clients, commissioners and healthcare professionals.

Mark Barrington, Clinical Psychologist and referrer into the service said ‘Honestly – I think it’s extremely well produced. You’ve done a really good job’ and Saul Marmot from Bromley by Bow GP Partnership said ‘Looks really good! Clear message and lots of positive stories. Nice one!’

The Bromley by Bow Centre and Macmillan Cancer support were impressed that we had been sympathetic to both organisations’ key messaging, as well as the personal stories of the film subjects and that the film spoke effectively to their three different audiences.

Clients: Bromley by Bow Centre and Macmillan Cancer Support